What is Dry Ice Cleaning?

Environmentally Responsible Cleaning & Surface Preparation

What is Dry Ice Cleaning?

Dry ice cleaning is similar to sand, bead and soda blasting in that it prepares and cleans surfaces using a media accelerated in a pressurized air stream. It differs in that dry ice cleaning uses solid CO2 pellets or MicroParticles, which are blasted at supersonic speeds and sublimate on impact, lifting dirt and contaminants off the underlying substrate.
Impact of pellets creates a Kinetic Energy Effect. The soft dry ice is accelerated by compressed air through specially designed nozzles at supersonic speeds
Cold temperature of dry ice pellets creates a Thermal Effect. The temperature of dry ice (-109 F/ -78.5 C) causes the contaminant to embrittle. This helps break the bond between the substrate and the contaminant.
Expansion of the dry ice pellets. Dry ice pellets sublimate upon impact, volumetrically expanding in size, removing the contaminant.
Because dry ice is nonabrasive and turns back into gas, you are left with a clean surface, no secondary waste and no damage to your equipment.

Why it’s Better

The unique characteristics of dry ice make it the perfect cleaning media. Dry ice is non-abrasive
and non-conductive and will not damage surfaces or equipment. It sublimates on impact,
leaving behind no secondary waste. It is non-toxic and safe for employees.
These attributes make dry ice cleaning an efficient, cost effective and environmentally
responsible cleaning solution.

A Versatile Clean 

Dry ice pellets

• 3mm in size (roughly rice sized)
• High density
• Used for a more aggressive clean, getting rid of the most stubborn

Dry ice MicroParticles

• Sugar-sized particles (~0.3mm)
• Used to clean delicate and sensitive surfaces
• Less aggressive than pellets
• More media strikes the surface per second and per square inch
• Increased coverage area
• Less air power is needed to accelerate dry ice (less noise)

*MicroParticles are the result of shaving dry ice (pellets, block, etc)
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