A safer cleaning process that requires less
labor and eliminates manual cleaning

Dry ice blasting eliminates the manual cleaning of engineered wood presses, dryers and vents, while eliminating 
employee exposure to unsafe conditions. The process reduces overall cleaning time 
and provides a more effective cleaning result.

General Equipment Cleaning

Reduce cleaning time and production downtime while 
prolonging life of equipment and increasing worker safety

Dry ice blasting quickly, safely and effectively cleans composite wood production equipment without water, chemicals or secondary waste.

No secondary waste
Reduce fire hazard

Clean in-place

No cool down required

Reduce labor costs


Eliminate wear and tear on machinery

Reduce downtime

Increase employee safety

Eliminate manual cleaning with chemical solvents

Reduce risk of unplanned production stoppages and costly repairs
Environmentally responsible

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OSB presses


Finger joint blade holders

Glue applicators



Pitch and resin removal

Sanding belts

Ventilation blades

Wet scrubbers



Dry ice cleaning is a safer and more effective cleaning solution for composite wood presses and ancillary equipment

The typical cleaning process for tooling for engineered wood is time consuming, labor intensive and requires employees to work within close proximity to machines, hot residue and dust. Dry ice blasting provides a no-contact cleaning solution that is faster, safer and more effective.
Decrease cleaning time and labor costs

Employee safe

Eliminates manual cleaning and exposure to unsafe conditions

Reduce fire hazard
Increase productivity and reduce downtime


No damage to substrates

Clean in-place

No disassembly or cool down required

Non-conductive cleaning process
Environmentally responsible
Improve part quality and reduce scrap
No secondary waste stream
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We employ Dry Ice Blasting (DIB), which is a technology and process adopted 100% from Cold Jet, USA, in all our cleaning exercises and this has put us on a foothold in the Malaysian industry. We deliver higher quality of end products, increasing productivity, less downtime, reduction in labour, no secondary waste or contaminant cleanup, environmentally friendly, reliable and efficient.
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