Keep your tire and rubber
mold presses running

Buildup of cured material and mold release agents causes sticking molds, blemishes and 
unwanted flash on final parts, making them unusable and requiring 
press shutdown for cleaning.  Traditional cleaning methods can be time consuming, 
ineffective, damaging to molds and result in high labor and material 
costs. Turn to rubber & tire mold dry ice cleaning equipment for a faster, 
more efficient, and gentler solution.

Dry ice blasting is an in-place, online or offline, quick and effective way to clean without 
damaging expensive molds.

Rubber Mold Cleaning

Improve product quality while reducing production downtime

Dry ice blasting safely cleans rubber molds while hot and online, reducing downtime and eliminating mold fouling.

Eliminate complete shutdowns
Clean in-place
No mold disassemblyNo mold disassembly

Eliminate complete shutdowns


No impact damage or mold erosion

Increase production time
Reduce cleaning time and labor costs
Environmentally responsibleNo secondary wasteNo secondary waste

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Injection molds

Blow molds

Compression molds

Silicone rubber injection molds

Metal bonded molds

Lift presses

Tilt back presses


Tire Mold Cleaning

Reduce production downtime by effectively cleaning tire molds online

Dry ice cleaning extends running times and reduces defects and scrap rates by cleaning tire molds in-press without damaging spring vents.

Reduce production downtime
Decrease scrap rates and defects


No impact damage

No tire mold disassembly
Labor cost reduction of up to 75% when cleaning online
No secondary waste
Environmentally responsible

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Steel tire molds

Aluminum tire molds

Coated tire molds

Segmented tire molds

Two piece tire molds

Spring vented tire molds

Tire molds with complex surface patterns

Lift presses

Tilt back presses



Eliminate mold fouling and production
downtime by safely cleaning molds online

Dry ice blasting allows rubber and tire molders to clean their molds in-press, at operating temperatures. Cleaning molds online eliminates complete shutdowns, reduces production downtime and improves product quality.
Eliminate complete shutdowns and reduce downtime

Clean hot and online

No mold disassembly or cooldown required

Reduce scrap rates and eliminate reassembly damage


No damage to tooling or equipment

Reduce cleaning time and labor costs
No secondary waste stream

Environmentally responsible

No secondary waste

Employee safe

Eliminates manual cleaning and exposure to unsafe conditions

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We employ Dry Ice Blasting (DIB), which is a technology and process adopted 100% from Cold Jet, USA, in all our cleaning exercises and this has put us on a foothold in the Malaysian industry. We deliver higher quality of end products, increasing productivity, less downtime, reduction in labour, no secondary waste or contaminant cleanup, environmentally friendly, reliable and efficient.
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