Experience a cleaner clean
with a fraction of the waste

Food processing and packaging equipment accumulates grease, carbonized residue, seasonings, 
proteins, harmful bacteria, biofilms, adhesives, labelsand many other contaminants that 
traditionally take significant time to clean.

Dry ice blasting for the food industry provides an in-situ cleaning solution that is non-destructive, 
sustainable, does not use water or chemicals and does not produce secondary waste.

Processing & Packaging 
Equipment Cleaning

Increase line productivity by getting a cleaner clean in less time

Dry ice blasting thoroughly cleans contamination from process and production equipment in-place, without water or chemicals, and even while the equipment is still running.

Reduce cleaning time and resulting downtime
Clean hot and online
No secondary waste
Will not damage equipment

Environmentally responsible
Get a cleaner clean
Reduce bacteria counts and remove biofilms

Reduce risk of unplanned production stoppages and costly repairs

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Mixers and blenders

Slicers and dividers

Roasters, ovens and proofers

Dryers, extruders and molds

Conveyors and chains

Radial feeders (Ishida Weighers)

Wrappers and packagers

Baggers and pack-off tables

Labelers, box formers and glue applicators

Mills and load-out bins

Palletizers and de-nesters

Electrical components and motors

Cold storage



Dry ice blasting is a dry cleaning
process that does not produce
secondary waste or residue

Dry ice cleaning offers an effective, dry, sustainable and non-destructive cleaning method that can be performed in-place, which eliminates or reduces costly shutdown time for cleaning. Hard to reach corners and crevices are easily cleaned with dry ice blasting, resulting in an improved overall clean in your plant.

Not only does dry ice cleaning remove contaminants, but it will also result in log reductions in bacteria counts and will remove biofilms without water or chemicals* – all while significantly reducing cleaning time, labor and overall costs.
Clean online or in place, even while equipment is hot and running
Eliminate or drastically reduce disassembly
No water, chemicals or secondary waste streams
No masking or drying time
Clean electronics, sensors and motors without damage

Reduce cleaning time and labor costs
Remove biofilms without water or chemicals
Lower bacteria counts (significant log reductions)*
Environmentally responsible
Employee safe
Eliminate manual cleaning and exposure to unsafe conditions

Will not damage expensive processing equipment

*Dry ice blast cleaning is not considered a sanitizer.

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We employ Dry Ice Blasting (DIB), which is a technology and process adopted 100% from Cold Jet, USA, in all our cleaning exercises and this has put us on a foothold in the Malaysian industry. We deliver higher quality of end products, increasing productivity, less downtime, reduction in labour, no secondary waste or contaminant cleanup, environmentally friendly, reliable and efficient.
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